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Which Is the Most Richest City Of Gujarat

Gujarat is most popular state for the travellers due to its several tourist spots, which can be gone with friends and family. When you came here on Gujarat tourism packages, and want to make your trip unforgettable, So Surat is a city of Gujarat that mostly like by tourist to visit. The city is also known as the richest city of Gujarat. Surat has so many beautiful tourist places that can be explored by visitors. Trip on Gujarat tourism packages can’t be done without visiting the Surat city.

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In the article, we tried to provide information about tourist attractions of Surat!

Dumas Beach: The beach is mostly preferred by local people, located 21 kilometers southwest of the Surat city. This is the best picnic spot, which visited among thousands of travellers every year. You can also eat the traditional foods at the beach like Bhajiya, Pav Bhaji, Gathiya and more. The Dumas Beach sea shores are worth seeing for travellers during your trip.


Chintamani Jain Temple: For religious tour, the Chintamani Jain Temple is a best place in the city. This temple in Surat is known as the very oldest temple that looks about 400 years ago. The architecture of the Jain Temple is awe-inspiring you. The temple makes a perfect destination for the Jainism disciples from all over the country.

Dutch Garden: The historical place in the city, where many tombs are made for the officers who came Surat for their business ventures. The tombs have been telling the unique story of their officers, such as George Oxenden, Christopher Oxenden, Baron Adrian Van Reede and others. Dutch Garden is the beautiful tourist place in Surat.


Surat Castle: Also known as the “Old Fort” of Surat, is a huge fort complex of Surat. The castle was established by the Gujarat Sultanate to inspire the Delhi Sultanate, Ferozkhan Tughlaq. The main reason to construct the fort was to safeguard against the Portuguese. Now, it is known as the most popular historical monuments to visit in Gujarat tour packages. 

Travellers can also visit to learn more about tourist places in Surat.

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